Mononucleosis- The Worst Form of Sore Throat

Published: 04th September 2008
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Infectious mononucleosis, glandular fever or sore throat is initiated by a kind of herpes germ or virus well

known as the Epstein Barr germ. As we already said it is a glandular fever so in our survey we found that it is very

commonly found in young citizens therefore its pet name is "student's flu". The infection is badly unbearable and may

take a number of months to settle.

What is sore throat?

Approximately everybody gets a sore throat at one time or one more. Kids face the infection more repeatedly than

teenagers or fully matured people called adults. Sore throat is mainly common throughout the winter weather months

when the upper respiratory diseases (colds) are very frequent.

Symptoms of mononucleosis

The symptoms for the mononucleosis caused by both bacterial and viral symptoms are the same:

• paining throat

• one may face pain and lot of problem in swallowing

• red or blood colored throat

• enlarged tonsils

• layered tonsils

• enlarged neck glands

• pus covering the throat or white spots

• frequent coughing

• unbearable high fever

Mononucleosis Treatment

The cure of mononucleosis or sore throat will be decided according to the bacterial or the viral cause. Sore throats are

generally easygoing and they can be cured at home with over the counter medicines on hand from our local chemist

shop. They generally get improved on their own, in three to seven days. It is extra exceptional for antibiotics to be

required. The treatment through antibiotics is proffered when the sore throat is caused by severe bacterial infection.

Mononucleosis treatment & relieve measures:

• The blood red colored throat requires antibiotics. At times it is not easy to decide whether the origin or

cause is viral or bacterial, so antibiotics could be approved as a preventative measure.

• Pain relievers - anti steroidal anti inflammatory medicines, (for example aspirin, ibuprofens, & naproxen) are

frequently more successful pain relievers than any other medicine like acetaminophen (Tylenol). Such medicines

reduce ache and fever that escorts the sore throat. Children must not be allowed to consume aspirin for the reason

that the danger of Reye's disease.

• Rinsing your mouth with salt water can be an excellent method to relieve or reduce the sore throat. It

facilitates soothe the irritated throat and decreases enlargement in the tissues. This method is the safest, not at all

costly and most likely the successful cure of the sore throat.

• Drinking lot of juices or liquids is very important, hot drinks could be chiefly soothing. Stay away from

caffeine for the reason that it may cause water loss in our body or simply dehydration.

• Get ample of rest. Getting more sleep can encourage quicker healing, generally when virus is the cause of

the illness.

• Try not to smoke or being close to smoke and different throat irritants.

• Consume the higher strength or potency multivitamin.

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